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Mega Combo – GST, Income Tax, ITR, TDS & Automation of Balance Sheet

About Course

Income Tax Act 1961 is a very wider concept, in this course we included below content to make you pro in filing of Income Tax Returns which are ITR 1, ITR 2, ITR 3, ITR 4 and filing of TDS & TCS return yourself and to start your own consultancy in this field


Income Tax and ITR Course Content

Know of Income Tax – Basics

  • Basic of Income Tax
  • Types of Taxes
  • Important Definitions
  • Previous Year and Assessment Year
  • Residential Status
  • Gross Total Income vs Total Income
  • Income tax Slab Rates for Individual
  • Income tax Slab Rates for HUF
  • Income tax Slab Rates for Partnership Firm
  • Income tax Slab Rates for Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Income tax Slab Rates for Companies
  • Income tax Slab Rates for Co-operative Societies
  • Income tax Slab Rates for Association of Persons
  • Income tax Slab Rates for Trusts
  • New Tax Slab Rates section 115BAC
  • Old Tax Slab Rates
  • Surcharge, Rebate, HEC
  • Marginal Relief
  • Treatment of Agriculture Income
  • Tax Rates for FY 2022-23 & AY 2023-24
  • ITR & Audit Due dates
  • Income tax rates FY 2023-24 & AY 2024-25

Income from Salary

  • Introduction
  • Basis of Charge of Income from Salaries
  • All Allowances
  • All Retirement Benefits
  • Profit in lieu of salary
  • All Perquisites
  • Deductions u/s 16
  • Relief u/s 89 for Arrear of Salary and 89A (with filing of Form 10E, 10EE)
  • Filing of Form 10IE
  • Computation of Income From Salary
  • How to show income from salary, pension, exemption, perquisites etc. in Income Tax Return forms (practical training)

Income from House Property

  • Basis of charge of Income from House Property
  • Gross Annual Value
  • Deductions from Rental Incomes (Section 24)
  • Interest on borrowed capital with PCP
  • Special aspects – Arrear of Rent Received
  • Special aspects – Co ownership
  • Computation of Income from House Property
  • Deemed owner
  • Composite Rent
  • How to show income from House property in Income tax Return (practical training)

Income from Capital Gain

    • Basis of Charge of Capital Gains
    • Meaning & Concepts of Capital Asset
    • Transaction not regarded as Transfer
    • Computation of Capital Gain
    • Short Tern & Long Term Capital Gain
    • Cost of Acquisition
    • Cost of Improvement
    • Deemed Transfer
    • Full value of consideration
    • Slump Sale
    • Capital gain on Sale of Shares
    • Capital gain on sale of other assets
    • Indexed Cost of Acquisition / Improvement
    • Exemptions from Capital Gain (Section 54)
    • How to show profit/loss from sale of shares and other assets in Income Tax Return (practical training)


  • Income From Business & Profession (This head is explained practically with respect to Auditors point of view also)
    • Introduction
    • Basis of Charge of Profits and Gains of Business or Profession (Sec.28 to 44)
    • Allowability/Deduction of Expenditure (practical coverage with perspective of auditor in ITR)
    • Compulsory maintenance of books of accounts (Sec.44AA)
    • Depreciation
    • Section 35, donation/expense on scientific research
    • Inadmissible Expenditure
    • Presumptive Tax- Section 44AD, 44ADA, 44AE
    • Alternate Minimum Tax
    • How to show income from Business and profession in Income Tax Return with F&O business, Intraday trading business etc. (practical training)


Income from Other Sources

  • Basis of Charge of Income from Other Sources
  • Dividend, Interest Income
  • Winning from Lotteries, Crossword puzzles, Horse Races and card games etc.
    (Also known as casual Income)
  • Taxability of Gifts
  • Family pension
  • Deductions u/s 57, 58,59
  • Computation of Income from Other Sources
  • How to show this in Income Tax Return (practical training)

Taxation of Virtual Digital Assets & treatment in ITR – Crypto currency

Clubbing of Income

  • Situations in which clubbing of Provisions attracted
  • Income transfer with transfer Asset
  • Revocable transfer of Asset
  • Payment to Spouse from Concern in which Individual has substantial interest
  • Transfer to Spouse
  • Transfer to Son’s Wife
  • Transfer for benefit of Spouse / Son’s Wife
  • Minor Income
  • Income from Concern in which Substantial Interest exists
  • Other Aspects of Clubbing of Income


Set off and Carry forward of Losses

Current Year Loss

  • Within same source Intra Head
  • Any Head Inter Head

Brought Forward Loss

  • Loss from Property
  • Business Loss
  • Unabsorbed Depreciation
  • Capital Loss
  • Loss under Other Sources
  • How to show  in Income Tax Return  (practical training)

Deductions under Chapter VI-A

  • 80 C – LIC, School Fee, NSC, PF, Housing Loan cost, FD etc.
  • Section 80CCC: Contribution to Certain Specified Pension Funds
  • Section 80CCD : Contribution to Pension scheme of central govt./New Pension scheme/Atal Pension Yojna
  • 80 D – Mediclaim (Self, Parents, Preventive Health Checkup etc.
  • 80 DD / 80 U – Disability of Assessee / Dependent
  • 80 DDB – Medical Treatment
  • 80 E – Interest on Education Loan
  • 80 EE – Interest on  Loan for Specified House Property
  • 80 EEA – Interest on Loan taken for Certain House Property
  • 80 EEB – Interest on Loan taken for Purchas of Electric Vehicle
  • 80 G – Donation to Approved fund and Charitable Institutions
  • 80 GG – Rent paid no HRA
  • 80 GGA – Donation to Research Institutions etc.
  • 80 GGB, 80GGC – Deduction to Political Parties etc.
  • 80 QQB – Royalty on Books
  • 80 RRB – Royalty on Patents
  • 80 TTA – Interest on Saving Account Deposits
  • 80TTB – Interest on Deposits in case of Senior Citizens
  • Section 80U: Deduction for handicapped Assessee
  • How to show Deductions in ITR (practical training)

Advance Tax & Interest

  • Advance Tax
  • Interest for Delay in Return Filing
  • Interest for Non-payment / Short payment of Advance Tax
  • Interest for Deferment of Advance Tax Instalments

Persons exempted form Income tax Return Filing


Income Tax Returns filing Live Training

  • ITR 1
  • ITR 2
  • ITR 3
  • ITR 4
  • ITR U


TDS Course Content

TDS & TCS concept is wider in income tax, one can start his or her own consultancy in this field alone and can earn a good amount with consultancy of TDS and TCS only

TDS & TCS compliance are most important for Businessman’s, professionals and consultants. This Practical course contains everything about TDS and TCS i.e. Section wise Concepts clarity, New TAN apply, Register and activate new TAN, All TDS and TCS returns filing (Including Salary) through free software of NSDL (RPU utility), Form16/16A/16B/16C Download, Lower Deduction certificates apply, Late Fee, TDS return correction/Revision (challan & Deductee), TDS on Non Resident, TDS on Property and many more.

Join this most beneficial course to start your own consultancy in TDS and TCS.

One must aware of TDS and TCS compliance because if you miss these compliance’s than consequences are heavy, and you will be more than happy if you can do these compliance yourself without the help of anyone else. Join course and get benefited.

Course Content

  • TDS Conceptual Clarity
  • How to Apply for New TAN
  • New TAN Registration Process on Income tax Portal
  • How to Register and Active New TAN on Traces
  • Know PAN for TDS
  • Sec 192 TDS on Salary
  • Sec 192A Pre mature withdrawal of Provident Fund
  • Sec 194C TDS on Contractor
  • Sec 194D, 194H & 194G TDS on Commission
  • Sec 193 Interest on Securities
  • 194A TDS on Interest other than securities
  • 194 TDS on Dividend
  • 194B & BB TDS on Winnings, 194BA TDS on online Gaming
  • 194DA Payment of Maturity amount of life insurance premium
  • 194E Payment to non-resident sportsmen or Sports association or Entertainer
  • 194EE National Saving Scheme
  • 194F Payment on repurchase of Units by Mutual fund/UTI
  • Sec 194I TDS on Rent
  • Sec 194IA TDS on property  (New PAN based Challan cum return Detailed coverage Challan 26QB)
  • Sec 194IB TDS on Rent by certain individuals (PAN based Challan cum return Detailed coverage) with Filing of 26QC
  • Sec 194IC Payment under Joint Development Agreement
  • Sec 194J TDS on Professional services
  • Sec 194LA Compensation on Compulsory acquisition of immovable property
  • Sec 194K TDS on contract, commission or brokerage or Fee for Professional service
  • 194M TDS on certain payments (PAN based Challan cum return Detailed coverage)
  • Sec 194N TDS on Cash withdrawal
  • Sec 194O TDS on E Commerce
  • Sec 194P Pension (along with interest on bank account)
  • Sec 194Q TDS on Purchase of Goods
  • Sec 194R TDS on Perquisites
  • Sec 194S TDS on Virtual Digital Asse
  • TCS (Complete Concept clarity – TCS on Certain Goods, TCS on Sale of Goods, TCS on Motor Vehicle, TCS on Lease of Parking, Toll plaza, TCS on Foreign Remittance)
  • TDS Return Form 26Q Filing (using Free RPU utility of NSDL)
  • TCS return Form 27EQ Filing (using Free RPU utility of NSDL)
  • Form 24Q Filing (Through Free Software RPU by NSDL)
  • Correction of TDS returns (online for Challan and deductee details or employee details)
  • Form 16, 16A, 16B, 16C Download
  • Section 195 TDS of Non Resident
  • Form 27Q Filing
  • How to Pay TDS/TCS online (new payment option explained)
  • FAQ coverage for important sections and many more

GST a big revolution in the taxation system of India, This course is designed in a way that you can get complete knowledge of GST and can start your own practice in GST

GST Course Content

  1. Introduction to GST
    • Types of Taxes, Pre-GST, History, Benefit and Concept of GST in India
    • Constitutional Amendment
    • GST Definition
    • Important Website links for GST work
    • GST Council
    • GST Hierarchy
    • Detailed explanation of Important Definitions – Goods, Services, Consideration, Business, Related persons, Distinct Persons under GST
    • Components of GST
  2. Supply under GST
    • Concept of supply with examples
    • Sh I, Sh II, SH III
    • Composite and mixed Supply
    • Taxability of composite & mixed Supply
    • GST Tax Structure
    • GST compensation to states act (Cess)
  3. Levy of GST
    • Levy & collection of Tax
  4. Time of Supply in GST
    • TOS in case of Goods
    • TOS in case of Services
    • TOS in case of RCM
    • Change in Rate of Tax treatment
    • Special time of supply for real estate sector
  5. Value of Supply in GST
    • Valuation detailed concept
    • Valuation Rules to calculate taxable value in different type of businesses i.e. lottery betting and gambling, money changer, Air travel agent, life insurance business, sale purchase of second hand goods, Vouchers, pure agent,

6.       Payment of  Tax

    • Section 49: Payment of Tax, Interest, penalty and other amount
    • Electronic credit ledger
    • Electronic cash ledger
    • Electronic liability ledger
    • Section 50 etc.
  1. Place of Supply in GST
    • POS of goods within India
    • POS of imported and exported goods
    • POS of services within India
    • Place of supply of telecommunication services
    • Exempted Goods under GST
    • Exemption Service under GST
  2. Input Tax Credit in GST
    • Detailed knowledge of definition of Exempt supply, Zero rated supply, Aggregate Turnover, Input tax Credit
    • Sec 16 Eligibility & Conditions for ITC with rule 36
    • Sec 17 apportionment & Block Credits with rule 42 and 43
    • Sec 17(5) Block Credits in GST
    • Rule 42 apportionment of input & input services
    • Rule 43 apportionment of capital goods
    • Sec 18 ITC in special circumstances
    • Section 49A & 49B read with rule 88A
    • Rule 86A Condition of use of electronic credit ledger
    • Rule 86B Restriction on use of electronic credit ledger
  3. Registration in GST
    • Detailed knowledge of definition of Casual taxable person, nonresident taxable person
    • Person liable for GST registration
    • Persons not liable for registration
    • Compulsory registration
    • Procedure for registration
    • Practical session on GST Registration
    • Deemed registration
    • Special provisions relating to casual taxable person and non resident taxable person
    • Section 28: Amendment of Registration (Core & Non Core )
    • Cancellation or suspension of registration
    • 30 : Revocation of Cancellation of Registration
    • Documents required for GST Registration
  4. TDS & TCS, Tax Invoice, Debit Note & Credit Note in GST
    • TDS & TCS under GST
    • Tax Invoice provisions and rules
    • Delivery challan
    • Debit note and Credit note provisions
    • e invoicing
  5. RCM in GST
    • RCM on goods
    • RCM on Services
    • RCM from unregistered purchase
  6. QRMP scheme in GST
    • Types of GST returns
    • GST returns filing structure
    • QRMP scheme detailed coverage with case studies
    • IFF and mode of payment
    • Interest & Late fee
    • Input service distributor concept detailed coverage with GSTR6
    • Principal place of business
    • Place of business
    • Accounts and records
    • E-way bill detailed conceptual and practical coverage

o    Composition levy for traders & manufactures

o    Composition levy for restaurant services

    • Composition levy for other services
    • Job work
    • E-invoice complete coverage
  1. Import, Export, Deemed Export and Refund in GST
    • Import of Goods
    • Import of services
    • Export of Goods and services with or without payment of tax
    • Deemed Export
    • Special exporters
    • Merchant export
    • Different types of refunds under GST
    • Relevant date
    • Process of Refund in different situations i.e. SEZ, Deemed export, inverted duty structure, Zero rated supply,


  1. Assessment & Audit in GST
    • Self assessment in GST
    • Provisional assessment in GST
    • Scrutiny of returns
    • Assessment of non filers of GST returns
    • Assessment of unregistered person
    • Summary assessment in GST
    • Audit by authorities
    • Special Audit
  2. Inspection, Search and Seizure in GST
    • Power of inspection, search & seizure
    • inspection of goods in movement
    • Power to arrest
    • Power to summon
    • Access to business premises
    • Officers to assist proper officers
  3. Demand & Recovery in GST
    • Determination of Tax under section 73
    • Determination of Tax under section 74
    • Tax collected but not deposited
    • Recovery proceedings
    • Transfer of property to be void
    • Tax to first charge on property
    • Provisional attachment to protect revenue interest
  4. Appeal in GST
    • Appeals to Appellant Authority
    • Powers of Revisional Authority
    • Appellant tribunal under GST
    • Mandatory deposit of pre deposit
    • Procedure of additional evidence before Appellant Authority
    • Appeal to High Court
    • Appeal to Supreme Court
    • Appeal not to be file in certain cases
  5. Advance Ruling in GST
    • Question for which Advance ruling can be sought
    • AAR and AAAR
    • Procedure for obtain Advance Ruling
    • Rectification of mistake
    • Advance ruling to be void in certain cases
  6. Types of Returns in GST
    • Overview of GSTR 1
    • Overview of GSTR 2A
    • Overview of GSTR 2B
    • Difference between GSTR 2A and 2B
    • Overview GSTR 3B
    • Overview of GSTR 4
    • Overview of CMP 08
    • Overview of GSTR 5
    • Overview of GSTR 6
    • Overview of GSTR 7
    • Overview of GSTR 8
    • Overview of GSTR 9 (Annual Return)
    • Overview of GSTR 9C
    • Overview of GSTR 10 (Final Return)
  7. Practical session on GSTR 2A and GSTR 2B

·         What is the meaning of GSTR 2A & 2B

·         Difference between 2A VS 2B

·         GST Returns Date and linking of these dates with 2A and 2B

·         Condition to claim ITC

·         History of ITC Rules

·         GSTR 2B Reconciliation with GSTR 2A

·         GSTR-2B Vs Books Reconciliation benefits, Case studies and accounting adjustment entries

·         GSTR-2B Vs Books Reconciliation (Monthly)

·         Reconciliation of Books vs GSTR-2B Vs 2A (Monthly)

  1. Practical sessions on GSTR 1, 6 ways of filing of GSTR-1
  2. Practical session on GSTR 3B (Regular)
  3. Practical session on GSTR 3B (QRMP)
  4. Practical session on GST Computation
  5. Complete coverage of GST Annual Return (GSTR 9) and GSTR-9C

·         Detailed Explanation of GSTR-9 Form.

·         Basics of GSTR-9/9C

·         who is to file GSTR-9/9C

·         When to file GSTR-9/9C

·         Required Records for GSTR-9

·         Reporting & Optional Tables of GSTR-9

·         Spill over effects of  2021-22, 2022-23 and 2023-24 MORE THAN 22+ EXAMPLES (TO PROVIDE SOLUTION FOR ALL MISTAKES RELATED TO INPUT (ITC) & OUTPUT (sale)

·         Impact of Debit and credit note of F.Y. 2021-22, 2022-23 and 2023-24

·         RCM

·         What is GSTR-9C

·         GSTR-9C form (Part A and Part B)

·         Table 12 of GSTR-9C with practical examples

·         Table 5 of GSTR-9C detailed explanation

·         All other tables of GSTR-9C with Auditors checklist and certification part

Case Studies :

·         HOW TO SHOW DATA IN GSTR-9 RELATED TO F.Y. 2021-22 CLAIMED IN 2022-23

·         HOW TO SHOW DATA IN GSTR-9 RELATED TO F.Y. 2021-22 CLAIMED IN 2022-23




·         Debit note, Credit notes treatment and many more

·         Table 12C of GSTR-9C practical case studies

28.  Practical session on GSTR 6,7,8

  1. Practical session on GSTR 10
  2. Practical session on E- invoice
  3. Practical session on E-way bill

And many more coverages

Automation of balance sheet course:

Excel is most powerful tool and if you use it in Accounting it work like wonders and help you to save lots of your time. This course provides you learning of Automation of balance sheet and Profit & loss on the basis of Trial Balance by using excel. Make sure your Trial Balance should be in excel format.

This course will also help you to match opening and closing balances in 5 minutes.

Also you can prepare MIS reports, comparative reports etc. with the help of this course. you will gain so much knowledge that you can prepare balance sheet on daily basis just in 5 minutes.

After learning this course you can achieve one level up at your workplace

Content of Course :

  1. Powerful Excel Formulas (Most powerful Excel formula sikhaye jayenge jo aapko sirf B.Sheet banane mein hi nhi balki har jagah kaam aayenge)
  2. Checking of Trial Balance to correct mistake if any within 2 minutes
  3. Trial Balance arrangements using Excel for Automation
  4. Creation of Masters and Groups
  5. Preparation of Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss automatically with Trial Balance
  6. Full automation of B.Sheet ( iska matlab ek baar automation ke baad aap chahen toh daily balance sheet bana sakte hain woh bhi bus 5 minute mein, yaani agar Trial mein koi change ho jaaye toh bhi aapko koi pareshani nhi hogi,Ghanto ka kaam minuto mein hone lagega)
  7. Checking of Opening Trial Balance with Closing Trail Balance before finalization of Balance sheet is must and we will let you know how you can do this in minutes


How you can watch the course? 
Course is having Recorded Lectures (Non-Downloadable) so user can watch anytime, anywhere and from any device as per his or her convenience & comfort zone.

Course is having study material in PDF, Excel or Word format (Downloadable)

After you buy the course, it will be activated in your dashboard, click on start learning to watch


What is course validity?

You can watch unlimited times with in validity period of 180 days as you per your convenience. It can be watch on Mobile/Tab/Desktop/Laptop.

Why there is limited validity on courses:

Validity is for your benefit, Long validity period have its own cons – students cannot be able to make schedule to complete the course timely.

How can I ask queries?

What’s up your query at 9150010800, you will get reply within 24 to 48 hours and in case you did not get solution on whats up then you can call on the same number

Is this include Certificate?

Yes, Course completion certificate can be downloaded after watching all the sessions 100%




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What Will You Learn?

  • 1. GST Registration
  • 2. GSTR-1
  • 3. GSTR-3B
  • 4. GSTR-2B
  • 5. GSTR-4
  • 6. CMP-08
  • 7. IFF
  • 8. QRMP scheme
  • 9. Refund
  • 10. Export
  • 11. Import
  • 12. GST Annual Return
  • 13. GSTR-9C
  • 14. E-way bill
  • 15. E-invoice
  • 16. ITR-1 filing
  • 17. ITR-2 filing
  • 18. ITR-3 filing
  • 19. ITR-4 filing
  • 20. ITR-U
  • 21. TDS returns
  • 22. F&O
  • 23. Intraday Trading
  • 24. Relief u/s 89 (form 10E)
  • 25. Relief u/s 89A (Form 10EE)
  • 26. Form 10IE
  • 27. Income Tax slab rate
  • 28. Computation of Income
  • 29. Understanding of Income Tax Act & Rules, Finance act etc.
  • 30. 26A, AIS
  • 31. TDS and TCS Basics
  • 32. TDS and TCS All Sections
  • 33. TDS Rates Chart 2022-23
  • 34. TCS Rates Chart 2022-23
  • 36. Code for TDS TCS Challan Payment - 281
  • 37. New Income Tax Slab Rate 2022-2023 for Salary
  • 38. Old Income Tax Slab Rate 2022-2023 for Salary
  • 39. TDS on Property Basic
  • 40. 26QB Detailed Required Format
  • 41. Form 27EQ Excel Format (Get data in this format from clients)
  • 42. Form 26Q Excel Format (Get data in this file from clients)
  • 43. Form 24Q Excel Format (Get data in this file from clients)
  • 44. Form 27Q Excel Format (Get data in this file from clients)
  • 45. Salary Formula Excel Sheet Many more in easy language
  • 46. Powerful Excel Formulas
  • 47. Checking of Trial Balance to correct mistake if any with in 2 minutes
  • 48. Trial Balance arrangements using Excel for Automation
  • 49. Creation of Masters and Groups
  • 50. Preparation of Automated Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss with Trial Balance
  • 51. Full automation of B.Sheet (iska matlab ek baar automation ke baad aap chahen toh daily balance sheet bana sakte hain woh bhi bus 5 minute mein, yaani agar Trail mein koi change ho jaaye toh bhi aapko koi pareshani na ho aapka bahut sare ghanto ka kaam minutes mein hone lagega)
  • 52. Checking of Opening Trial Balance with Closing Trail Balance before finalization of Balance sheet is must and we will let you know how you can do this in minutes
  • 53. Additional Content
  • 54. How to find, if any change happened in Books of Accounts up to last month.
  • 55. What is the meaning of GSTR 2A & 2B
  • 56. Difference between 2A VS 2B
  • 57. GST Returns Date and linking of these dates with 2A and 2B
  • 58. Condition to claim ITC
  • 59. History of ITC Rules
  • 60. Cases of ITC which we can be claimed whether it is not in GSTR2A/2B
  • 61. Important documents / Tables / Tools available on GST Portal for Reconciliation and How to use these tools.
  • 62. GSTR 2B Reconciliation with GSTR 2A
  • 63. GSTR-2B Vs Books Reconciliation benefits, Case studies and accounting adjustment entries
  • 64. GSTR-2B Vs Books Reconciliation (Monthly)
  • 65. Reconciliation of Books vs GSTR-2B Vs 2A (Monthly)
  • 66. Live GSTR 3b filing with online deposit of challan, GTA Entries, Adjustment Entries after Reconciliation.

Course Content

Introduction & Download Study material

  • Download Study material

1. Introduction & History of GST, Supply under GST

2. Levy & collection of Tax, Time of Supply

3. Valuation, Payment of Tax

4. Place of Supply, Power to grant Exemption from tax

5. Changes in Exemptions of Goods & Services from 18 July 2022

6. Input Tax Credit, Manner of Utilisation of ITC

7. GST Registration Live Training

13 Important task for New GST User

8. TDS & TCS under GST, Reverse Charge

9. GST Returns – GSTR-3B, GSTR-1/IFF (Live Training) with QRMP scheme

10. GSTR-1 Meaning, Table details and 6 way to file GSTR-1

11. New Form 3B Table Wise Explanation (New Changes Covered)

12. Live GSTR 3B filing with online deposit of challan, GTA Entries, Adjustment Entries after Reconciliation

Mismatch in GSTR-3B vs 2A/2B

New Form GST SRM-1

13. ISD, Accounts & Records, E-way bill (Live Training)

14. Composition Scheme , CMP-08, GSTR-4 (Live Training), Job work, E-invoice

New GST Return compliance – DRC-01B

New Electronic Reversal and Reclaimed statement – Sep 2023

15. Import, Export, Deemed Export, Refund under GST

16. Inspection, Search & seizure and arrest, Demand & Recovery

17. GST Annual Return & Self Certified reconciliation statement (GSTR-9/9C) Live Training

18. Advance Ruiling, Appeal & Revision, Offence & penalties

19. GSTR-9/9C (F.Y 2021-22) & (FY 2022-23)

20. GSTR 2B Reconciliation with GSTR 2A and Books of Accounts

GST Notice ASMT 10, Reply in ASMT 11, Order ASMT 12

21. GST amendments in year 2023

New GST Changes from October 2023

GST Registration cancellation Process


23. Know of Income Tax – Basics

New Form 10 IEA (A.Y. 24-25)

1 minute Tax calculation – Old Vs New Regime

24. Income From Salary

25. Income from House Property

26. Income from Capital Gain


Turnover calculation F&O FY 2022-23 onwards

28. Income from Other Sources, Set off and Carry forward, Advance tax, Interest, Late fee, ITR basics

Exempt Income under Income Tax

Taxation of Virtual Digital Asset and treatment in ITR – Cryptocurrency

29. Deduction under Section 80 (Chapter VI A)

30. TDS & TCS

Learn Practical ITR Filing FY 2023-24 & AY 2024-25



How to File ITR for Agriculture Income


MSME 15 Days / 45 Days Payment Rule

Cash Transactions limit as per Income Tax Act – Revenue & Capital Expenses, Cash Receipt, Loan taken & Repayment

How to E verify income tax return


Tax Audit limits AY 2023-24 & 2024-25

Income Tax Challan Correction Online

Tax Planning

33. Detailed and Practical Coverage of TDS and TCS

34. TDS on Salary with Slab rate of A.Y. 23-24 and A.Y. 24-25 and Examples and Practical Case Study

TDS on Purchase of Goods (Section 194Q)

TCS on Sales of Goods

35. Section 194IA TDS on Sale of Property

36. Budget 2023

How to do Review of Course ?

How to download Certificate ?

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