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CA POOJA GUPTA  is a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India since 2009, Qualified ISA and M.Com. Also, She is ICAI faculty and Famous YouTuber with Channel name “CAGURUJI” having more than 690000 subscribers. 

She delivers educational videos on Income TAX, GST and EXCEL. She has more than 13 year experience in Indirect taxation, Direct taxation and specialize in all aspect of GST, Income Tax, VAT, Service Tax, Excise etc.



Who should enroll in Income Tax Course :

GST and Income Tax Course is for every Chartered Accountants (CAs), Tax Consultants, Tax Professionals, Accountants, Businessmen, All students and everyone who wishes to learn and study Income and become an expert in GST and Income tax or wants to become a GST or Income tax practitioner.


Day wise Schedule of Income Tax Course :

Day wise Schedule of Course :

DAY 1 Introduction & History of GST, Supply under GST,
DAY 2 Levy & collection of Tax, Time of Supply,
DAY 3 Valuation, Payment of Tax,
DAY 4 Place of Supply, Power to grant Exemption from tax
DAY 5 Input Tax Credit, Manner of Utilisation of ITC,
DAY 6 GST Registration Live Training, TDS, TCS
DAY 7 Reverse Charge, Tax Invoice, Credit & Debit Note
DAY 8 GST Returns 3B & 1 (Live Training)
DAY 9 ISD, Accounts & Records, E-way bill (Live Training)
DAY 10 Composition Scheme , CMP-08, GSTR-4, GSTR-9A (Live Training), Job work
DAY 11 Import, Export, Deemed Export, Refunds
DAY 12 GST Annual Return & GST Audit (GSTR-9/9C) Live Training
DAY 13 Inspection, Search & seizure and arrest, Demand & Recovery
DAY 14

DAY 15


Advance Ruling, Appeal & Revision, Offence & penalties

QRMP scheme with GST recent Changes

Day wise Schedule of Income Tax Course :


DAY 1 Know of Income Tax – Basics

  • Basic of Income Tax
  • Types of Taxes
  • Important Definitions
  • Previous Year and Assessement Year
  • Residential Status
  • Gross Total Income vs Total Income
  • Income tax Slab Rates for Individual
  • Income tax Slab Rates for HUF
  • Income tax Slab Rates for Partnership Firm
  • Income tax Slab Rates for Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)
  • Income tax Slab Rates for Companies
  • Income tax Slab Rates for Co-operative Societies
  • Income tax Slab Rates for Association of Persons
  • Income tax Slab Rates for Trusts
  • New Tax Slab Rates vs Old Tax Slab Rates (which one is better)
  • Surcharge, Rebate, H. Cess
  • Marginal Relief
DAY 2 & 3 Income From Salary

  • Introduction
  • Basis of Charge of Income from Salaries
  • Salary Allowances
  • Retirement Benefits – Gratuity, Pension, Leave Encashment, PF
  • Perquisites – ESOP, LTA, Medical Facilities, Fully Exempt Perks etc.
  • Computation of Income From Salary
  • Deductions under Salary – Standard Deduction, Professional Tax etc.
DAY 4 Income From House Property

  • Basis of charge of Income from House Property
  • Gross Annual Value
  • Deductions from Rental Incomes (Section 24)
  • Special aspects – Arrear of Rent Received
  • Special aspects – Co ownership
  • Computation of Income from House Property
DAY 5 & 6 Income From Business & Profession

  • Introduction
  • Basis of Charge of Profits and Gains of Business or Profession
  • Depreciation
  • Allowability/Deduction of Expenditure
  • Inadmissible Expenditure
  • Presumptive Income
 DAY 7 Income From Capital Gain

    • Basis of Charge of Capital Gains
    • Meaning & Concepts of Capital Asset
    • Transaction not regarded as Transfer
    • Computation of Capital Gain
    • Short Tern & Long Term Capital Gain
    • Cost of Acquisition
    • Cost of Improvement
    • Indexed Cost of Acquisition / Improvement
    • Exemptions from Capital Gain (Section 54)
DAY 8 Income from Other Sources

  • Basis of Charge of Income from Other Sources
  • Dividend, Interest on Securities
  • Deductions
  • Computation of Income from Other Sources
  • Special Provisions (Section 56)
DAY 9 Clubbing of Income

– Situations in which clubbing of Provisions are attached

  • Income transfer with transfer Asset
  • Revocable transfer of Asset
  • Payment to Spouse from Concern in which Individual has substantial interest
  • Transfer to Spouse
  • Transfer to Son’s Wife
  • Transfer for benefit of Spouse / Son’s Wife
  • Minor Income
  • Income from Concern in which Substantial Interest exists

– Other Aspects of Clubbing of Income


Set off and Carry forward of Losses

– Current Year Loss

  • With in same source
  • Any Head

– Brought Forward Loss

  • Loss from Property
  • Business Loss
  • Unabsorbed Depreciation
  • Capital Loss
  • Loss under Other Sources
DAY 10 Deductions under Chapter VI-A

  • 80 C – LIC, School Fee, NSC, PF, Housing Loan cost, FD etc.
  • 80 D – Mediclaim (Self, Parents, Preventive Health Checkup etc.
  • 80 DD / 80 U – Disability of Assessee / Dependent
  • 80 DDB – Medical Treatment
  • 80 E – Interest on Education Loan
  • 80 EE – Interest on  Loan for Specified House Property
  • 80 EEA – Inters on Loan taken for Certain House Property
  • 80 EEB – Interest on Loan taken for Purchas of Electric Vehicle
  • 80 G – Donation to Approved fund and Charitable Institutions
  • 80 GG – Rent paid no HRA
  • 80 GGA – Donation to Research Institutions etc.
  • 80 GGB, 80GGC – Deduction to Political Parties etc.
  • 80 QQB – Royalty on Books
  • 80 RRB – Royalty on Patents
  • 80 TTA – Interest on Saving Account Deposits
  • 80TTB – Interest on Deposits in case of Senior Citizens
DAY 11 Advance Tax & Interest

  • Advance Tax
  • Interest for Delay in Return Filing
  • Interest for Non payment / Short payment of Advance Tax
  • Interest for Deferment of Advance Tax Instalments

Persons exempted form Income tax Return Filing

DAY 12 & 13 & 14 Income Tax Returns filing Live Training

  • ITR 1
  • ITR 2
  • ITR 3
  • ITR 4

– Normal Return

– Belated Return

– Revised Return

– Defective Return

– Verification of Return

DAY 15 Tax Deduction at Source (TDS Compliance)

  • Introduction
  • Rates & Provisions

Tax Collection at Source (TCS)

  • Introduction
  • Rates & Provisions


Duration of Course :

53 Hours + (includes live training on Income Tax Return and Payment of Advance Tax, Online application of PAN, E verification of Income Tax Return)


Course Material :

  1. 15 nos. PPT
  2. Income tax Calculator
  3. Income Tax Calculator (New vs Old)
  4. TDS Rate Charts
  5. TCS Rate Charts
  6. Income tax Slab Charts


1 – After Buy this Course  what is the next step to attend the Class ?

Answer – After successful payment you will get receipt of payment and you can watch video by login on our website and go to dashboard and click on enrolled courses and watch video

2 – What is the meaning of 120 days recording validity  ?

Answer – After enrolling for course, You can watch video unlimited times with in 120 days from ant device any time.

3 – How to extend video time limit ?

Answer – After expiry of video validity of 120 days you can extend for further 120 days after making additional payment of Rs. 1999/- .



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