TDS & TCS Practical course 2023

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CA POOJA GUPTA  is a member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India since 2009, Qualified ISA and M.Com.  She is Educator and Influencer also having you tube Channel “CAGURUJI” having more than 690000 subscribers. 

She delivers educational videos on Income TAX, GST and EXCEL. She has more than 13 years  experience in Indirect taxation, Direct taxation and specialize in all aspect of GST, Income Tax, VAT, Service Tax, Excise etc.



Who should enroll  :

This is for Chartered Accountants (CA), Tax Consultants, Tax Professionals, Accountants, Businessmen, Students, Entrepreneurs, Manufacturers, Service Providers, Traders, Businesses, Pvt. Ltd. Company, Public Ltd. Company, Proprietor, Partnership Firm, LLP, Trust, HUF,  and who so ever interested in learning



Recorded video Lecture with validity of 180 days


Content of Course :

This course is divided in following parts :

1              TDS Conceptual Clarity

2              How to Apply for TAN

3              New TAN Registration Process on Income tax Portal

4              How to Register and Active TAN on Traces

5              Know PAN for TDS

6              Sec 192 TDS on Salary

7              Sec 192A Pre mature withdrawal of Provident Fund

8              Form 24Q Filing

9              Sec 194C TDS on Contractor

10           Sec 194D, 194H & 194G TDS on Commission

11           Sec 193 Interest on Securities

12           Sec.194A TDS on Interest other than securities

13           Sec.194 TDS on Dividend

14           Sec.194B & BB TDS on Winnings

15           Sec.194D Payment of Maturity amount of life insurance premium

16           Sec.194E Payment to non-resident sportsmen or Sports association or Entertainer

17           Sec.194EE National Saving Scheme

18           Sec.194F Payment on repurchase of Units by Mutual fund/UTI

19           Sec 194I TDS on Rent

20           Sec 194IB TDS on Rent by certain individuals

21           Sec 194IC Payment under Joint Development Agreement

22           Sec 194J TDS on Professional services

23           Sec 194LA Compensation on Compulsory acquisition of immovable property

24           Sec 194K TDS on contract, commission or brokerage or Fee for Professional service

25           Sec 194N TDS on Cash withdrawal

26           Sec 194O TDS on E Commerce

27           Sec 194P Pension (along with interest on bank account)

28           Sec 194Q TDS on Purchase of Goods

29           Sec 194R TDS on Perquisites

32           Sec 194S TDS on Virtual Digital Assets

33           Section 194IA TDS on Sale of Property

34           Sec 206AB Higher Rate of TDS

35           TCS Conceptual Clarity

36           Sec 206C(1H) TCS on sale of Goods

37           Form 24Q Filing

38           Form 26Q Filing

39           Form 27EQ Filing

40           Correction of TDS returns

41           Form 16, 16A Download

42           Section 195 TDS of Non Resident

43           Form 27Q Filing


Course Material

  1. TDS Basics
  2. TDS All Sections
  3. TDS on Property Basic
  4. 26QB Detailed Required Format
  5. TDS Rate Chart
  6. and may more



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